Personal Update – 4th Quarter 2013

Like the previous quarter, I haven’t put much time and effort into this blog during the last quarter. I haven’t had much motivation to write about financial topics – and the truth is, I stopped caring for a while. It’s probably because I think that most people don’t care anyway. Debt lives on, lifestyles get Continue Reading

Quicken Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

If you don’t already track your income and expenses, you need to get started now. I started using Quicken in 2003 and have been very happy with the way it has kept my finances organized throughout the years.

I use it to automatically keep track of paychecks (so I can project income), notify me of Continue Reading

Personal Update – 3rd Quarter 2013

I haven’t written much during this past quarter. It’s been mostly a time management issue, as I’ve been taking on more freelance work and spending a lot less time than I should working on my blog. Now that my daughter is walking, time management has become a huge issue for me on the days that Continue Reading