Stop Taking Your Finances So Seriously

The other week I was browsing some personal finance blogs before bed. One of the blogs I read talked about the Fidelity American Express card, which is offering a sign-up bonus. I left a comment to correct the author on the rewards terms and then proceeded to reply to a few other comments with the Continue Reading

The Best Time Of Year To Start Investing

The best time of year to get started with investing is the beginning of the year between January and April. Why?┬áIt’s because the contribution period for my favorite type of retirement investment account, the IRA, overlaps.

The contribution period for an IRA starts on January 1st and lasts until the tax-return filing deadline the Continue Reading

Annual vs. Monthly IRA Contribution Experiment

The Annual vs. Monthly IRA Contribution Timing Experiment Version 2. This update covers the initial contribution and purchases in the corresponding Roth IRA accounts in the experiment.

Annual Contribution Roth IRA

SharesPriceTotal CostMarket Value$ Gain/Loss

Account Summary:

  • 01/01/2014 – Contributed $5,500.00
  • 01/02/2014 – Purchased mutual fund
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